Hackschooling and Camera Lenses. What Else?

After watching “Hackschooling Makes Me Happy” and reading Bud Hunt’s blog post on “Essential Lenses,” it was honestly very refreshing to see these alternative views on learning and education. What initially struck me was how right Logan LaPlante was when he pointed out how the happiness and personal well-being of the student is often not the first priority. Instead, most learning models focus on preparing a student for every other aspect of his or her life, but not for the most important one: are they happy and personally fulfilled? While most public schools are not really set up to enhance the personal growth of each student, that was LaPlante’s whole point: sometimes the alternative route is the best one for you. As he mentioned in his talk, many others doubted that homeschooling would be the right path for him. Clearly, they were wrong. A point I think is important to distinguish, however, is that while “hackschooling” worked very well for Logan, that doesn’t mean that more traditional routes aren’t the right choice for other students. Often in topics such as this, divisions grow over what is right and wrong. With something so personalized like Education, it’s really up to the individual to decide what is right for the.

Hunt’s blog post on “Essential Lenses,” to me, was an old concept spun into a fresh and interesting idea. I really liked the post because it wasn’t focusing on formal education, but instead focused on bettering yourself for the sake of being better. This way, it’s applicable to more than just the student and classroom. I’m sure many of us have heard the common idea that we all have different learning styles (visual, auditory, sensory, etc). For me, this was the slightly more “grown-up” version of that, which also applied to everyday things like your outlook and how you approach things in general. I also loved how this wasn’t as restrictive as the “learning styles” idea. While very useful in understanding different learning approaches, I feel like I’ve heard many people say “Well, I’m more of a ____ learner, so that won’t really help me very much,” or “I only understand things when they’re put in ____ format.” While this is understandable and to an extent true, sometimes we get into a limited mindset regarding what we can do or how we can learn, and I feel like that’s a dangerous area. Instead, I definitely appreciated how Hunt provided all of the “lenses” as equal options, and gave great examples as to how to use them in everyday learning.

PCC by: paradox 56



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